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Amazon’s Echo devices get redesign on the way to world domination

Amazon’s products are the minivans of the devices world. They’re plastic-encased, utilitarian and sometimes ugly. But they work, are inexpensive and can take a beating. Parents love them. In comparison, Apple designs its sports-car-like devices as artwork — with a price to match. Drop an Apple product and the neighbors will know about it from […]


Curious NASA photo makes Mars look like the site of a spelling bee

  Weird and wonderful Mars has dished out another spellbinding visual treat for us to contemplate. NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) captured an image of a landscape covered in dunes in the shapes of T’s and V’s.  The MRO snapped the image in February, but the HiRise camera team from the University of Arizona highlighted it Sunday as […]


Forget the Galaxy Fold and Mate X, the Motorola Razr is the foldable phone to beat

  Last month, a foldable phone epidemic swept through the MWC 2019 trade show in Barcelona. Samsung had a mic-drop moment and launched the Galaxy Fold just days before the conference got started. Huawei said ‘hold my beer’ and announced the Mate X. Then, TCL (the company that makes phones under the names Alcatel and BlackBerry Mobile) […]